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Come at us bro.

Hey there everybody!
We hear you’ve missed us, so we’ve got some good news and some bad
news… we’re back! After an almost three year hiatus – spent on
farms in Northern California and Garfield, TX, on fishing boats in
Alaska, motorcycle road trips and just generally screwing around –
Austin’s own urban cycling gear designer, Psychlist, is excited to
announce that we are re-opening our doors for business.

We have done a small
production run so far, including Dime Bags, Nickel Bags and a few of
our t-shirts, including “I rode my bike here”, “I only ride my
bike to compensate for my huge penis” and everyones favorite “This
is my weapon”. Our initial run of product is all black – because
when you can’t decide on a color, you pick black – but rest
assured, more colors to come! Toe straps and top tube pads and some
of our smaller products are on the way. Larger bags and jeans, for
now, will be made to order only.

We have begun
working closely with a local manufacturer, right here in Austin, Tx,
in order to offer larger quantities of product and so that we can
spend time in the studio working on designs for NEW products.

Speaking of new
stuff, we are designing two completely new product lines – Eleven
and Dirt. Eleven is going to be our new line geared towards the
motorcycle revivalist movement, which will offer waxed cotton and
leather jackets and pants, selvage denim jeans, bags, luggage, etc.
The Dirt line will focus on general outdoor products for hiking and
camping, such as packs, canvas bedrolls, tents, hammocks, etc.
Designs for our new lines will be shifting to use primarily natural
fabrics such as cotton, waxed cotton, leather, wool, etc. There will
be some crossover between all three of our lines and we are really
excited about testing the gear on our own various camping and
motorcycle road trips! We’re shooting to have some products available
by fall of 2015. To catalyze the development and production, watch
for a crowd sourcing campaign in the near future so you can say you
helped make all this possible.

For now, you can
order Psychlist gear on our website or visit your favorite local bike
shop (ie. Cycleast, Fast Folks, Eastside Pedal Pushers and Ozone).
For all orders, whether retail, wholesale, custom or otherwise,
contact us directly at

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