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The Big Day

Tomorrow is our Grand Reopening Co-party with the folks downstairs at Flash Motorbikes. Naturally, we still have a lot to do and will probably still be finishing up as people start to arrive. There’s a saying in the art world that at every opening there is wet paint. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about letting anything dry, but I’m sure I’ll be working frantically all day tomorrow, relieved that I can call it quits at 6pm. I hope we have a great turn out and every one has a good time. I’ve been spending a lot of time that last few days working on a couple new things while Val has been working steadily on making the place look nice. Everything is coming together, if only we had another week to prepare. I just finished a killer waxed canvas jacket last night that I think every one is going to love. Today, I’m working on selvage jeans and some Dime Bag variations for Eleven Moto Gear (and for the door prize).

We can’t wait to see every one at the party and finally get to cut loose a little. I’m told that Tiffany bought the keg yesterday. We’ll have snacks and stuff up here and Sean will be pumping music into the whole place. It’s gonna be a blast.

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