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Retail Restock and Product Displays

Restocking Retail Outlets

We just restocked a bunch of stuff at Eastside Pedal Pushers and Fast Folks. If you’ve been looking for the newly redesigned Dime Bag or Strap On! toe straps, look no further than either of these retail outlets. Of course you can always buy directly from us, but we’re letting you know that there are options. And for extra-special awesome, we’ll be delivering our first wholesale pre-order Pannier/Backpack (we need a better name) to shops within the week. We’ve already sold a few directly to customers and they’ve been a smash hit. Watch for them turning up in other bike ships around town… and then the world! Just kidding, but that would be cool.

New Displays and Packaging

We’re also working on displays and new packaging for our gear that will help you find all the we have available at the shops that carry Psychlist stuff. We are currently prototyping some ideas to develop a unique display that will showcase and organize our product line. Those laser cutters are enabling us to develop some really cool packaging and displays. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting pictures of what we come up with just as soon as we have something to show you.

That’s about it for now. Watch here for updates and watch your local bike shops for new gear.

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