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Very First Wall Display!

Getting ready to cut out the very first Psychlist Wall Display

Psychlist Wall Display in Laser Cutter
Starting the very first wall display for Psychlist

New graphics co-designed by Russell and Valerie ready to be etched and cut. Fortunately, we have access to a big CNC laser at the ATX Hacker Space. This is the first wall display of several that will be going up in local shops around Austin. Fast Folks and Eastside Pedal Pushers are at the top of the list. Now you’ll be able to easily locate and shop our product line in the stores that we serve. We’re pretty proud of our new displays and will post some follow up pictures in the near future with them finished and stocked. We’re very excited to finally have these ready for production along with new packaging for the Wallets and Nickel Bags.

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