About Psychlist: Subversive Cycling

A little bit about Psychlist

Psychlist is gear and apparel for the urban cyclist and is based in Austin, TX. We grew from the DIY spirit of the local bike scene and continue to encourage and support it. Our clothing and accessories focus on the needs of the urban cyclist whether that means a casual commuter, bike messenger or somewhere in between. We use the bestest, toughest and comfortablest materials we can find, reinforcing everything we can to make the most durable product possible. Everything we make is designed and made locally, right here in Austin, TX in house in our humble shop. We are constantly thinking up and working on new products and occasionally improving on designs to release to the streets. Let us know what you think; we want to hear from you. Keep an eye on the site and streets for updates and new schwag. Cheers and keep the rubber side down.

Russell S.