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Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) now being accepted!

Join the Bitcoin revolution!

bitcoin icon

It seems like the popularity and acceptance of the various cryptocurrencies is growing everyday. We believe that a decentralized currency is the way of the future and modern cryptocurrencies fit that bill. It’s for this reason that we decided to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment for goods and services. Using the payment gateway, you can now choose either currency as payment upon checkout just as you would anything else. Of course you have to own enough BTC or LTC and know how this emerging currency system works, but we leave that up to you. We are still testing this payment method. So if you run into problems, let us know and we’ll help you figure it out.

We still accept regular currency too. Paypal is out payment gateway for either Paypal or credit card payment. You shouldn’t need to setup a Paypal account, if you don’t want to, to pay with your credit card.

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Very First Wall Display!

Getting ready to cut out the very first Psychlist Wall Display

Psychlist Wall Display in Laser Cutter
Starting the very first wall display for Psychlist

New graphics co-designed by Russell and Valerie ready to be etched and cut. Fortunately, we have access to a big CNC laser at the ATX Hacker Space. This is the first wall display of several that will be going up in local shops around Austin. Fast Folks and Eastside Pedal Pushers are at the top of the list. Now you’ll be able to easily locate and shop our product line in the stores that we serve. We’re pretty proud of our new displays and will post some follow up pictures in the near future with them finished and stocked. We’re very excited to finally have these ready for production along with new packaging for the Wallets and Nickel Bags.

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Retail Restock and Product Displays

Restocking Retail Outlets

We just restocked a bunch of stuff at Eastside Pedal Pushers and Fast Folks. If you’ve been looking for the newly redesigned Dime Bag or Strap On! toe straps, look no further than either of these retail outlets. Of course you can always buy directly from us, but we’re letting you know that there are options. And for extra-special awesome, we’ll be delivering our first wholesale pre-order Pannier/Backpack (we need a better name) to shops within the week. We’ve already sold a few directly to customers and they’ve been a smash hit. Watch for them turning up in other bike ships around town… and then the world! Just kidding, but that would be cool.

New Displays and Packaging

We’re also working on displays and new packaging for our gear that will help you find all the we have available at the shops that carry Psychlist stuff. We are currently prototyping some ideas to develop a unique display that will showcase and organize our product line. Those laser cutters are enabling us to develop some really cool packaging and displays. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting pictures of what we come up with just as soon as we have something to show you.

That’s about it for now. Watch here for updates and watch your local bike shops for new gear.

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New Website Launch

So we’re relaunching the site with hopes that it will better in lots of ways and that we’ll be able to better serve you, our customers. Things still need a little work, some product pictures are missing, the Tumblr didn’t import well… stuff like that. But here it is. You can browse our catalog, order stuff, check for updates, leave product reviews (that’s new!), comment of blog posts, and all kinds of new functionality!

Anyway, enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or comments or whatever.

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Nickel Bag Packaging

Playing with lasers again tonight. Working on new packaging for some of our smaller items. #thisissoawesome #lasersrule #lasercutting #psychlist #austintexas #cyclinggear #urbanriding #cycling #hippouch #fannypack #packaging #nickelbag #atx (at ATX Hackerspace)

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Our Old Singer

This is our old Singer 600wi from the mid ‘50’s that we are selling in order to upgrade to newer machines. It is an adjustable straight stitch with no reverse. Contact us if interested in buying it! We are asking for $300, pickup in Austin, Tx.
#singer600wiforsale #sewingmachineforsale #antiquesewingmachine #industrialsewingmachine #sewingmachineaustintexas (at Psychlist: Subversive Cycling)

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Beautiful Sarah just came by to pick up her bag! Flap/Rolltop Pannier/Backpack by Psychlist. The backpack straps are detachable so they don’t get caught in your spokes and you can carry it on your back when you get off your bike. Easy Velcro attachments fit onto most bike racks. Water resistant flap has a YKK Brand weatherproof zipper and can be buckled down flat or rolled closed. This little bag has a large overload capacity and is fully lined with waterproof vinyl. Back padding is an available option and it has a large front pocket and pen pockets. #psychlistatx #bikebags #madeinusa #madeinaustin #austintexas #bicyclepanniers #biketravel #weatherproofbags #panniers #luggagebag #urbancyclist #urbancyclingbags #handmadebags #cyclingbackpack (at Psychlist: Subversive Cycling)